What YOU don’t know, costs you MONEY.

Helping small businesses understand and USE their financial numbers so they can make better business decisions

What We Do

Does this sound familiar?

Hey! My name is Matt

Here is a situation I see over and over again:

I meet with a business owner who is working hard.

Really putting in the hours with the hope that one day it’s all going to pay off.

Their product or service is of reasonable quality, they look after their staff and they even care about their customers.

But they:

  • have next to no cash in the bank
  • have no idea how much they can afford to pay themselves
  • have no idea how much profit they are really making or on what products & services
  • are racking up debt
  • have been dipping into their tax money to pay bills
  • are paying their bills late
  • are making personal purchases with business money
  • are behind on their books
  • are using a spreadsheet to manage their finances
  • are behind on tax obligations

Many are on their way to going under but, have no idea it’s coming.

What’s worse is many think the solution is more marketing and sales… (more marketing and sales often makes things worse not better)

The real issue is that the business owner doesn’t understand their numbers or how to use them to make smart business decisions.

They don’t know the score.

When you think about it, is it really surprising the failure rate in small business is so high?

How can anyone succeed in business without knowing their numbers?

Let me use an example to make my point clear.

Imagine you were at a football game.

You’re watching the game but, there is no scoreboard.

You have no numbers to look at while you are watching the game.

Now answer these questions:

  • who is winning the game?
  • how much are they winning by?
  • who is the best player?
  • does your team have enough time to execute the game plan?
  • should we change our strategy to win the game?

It’s pretty obvious we need to know our numbers to make sense of the game and make good decisions to win.

Whether you like it or not you are playing the game of business and you need to play to win.

Sadly most small business owners are running their business without any idea what the score is and that’s what I’m here to change.

When you know the score in your business it’s easy to answer questions like:

  • is my pricing right?
  • are we profitable and if so by how much?
  • which products and services are the most profitable?
  • how much can I pay myself?
  • when is a good time to hire?
  • am I set up to grow my business?
  • do we have enough cash coming in?
  • are our expenses ok?
  • are our payment terms ok?
  • do we have enough money put aside for taxes?

How much easier would it be to run a successful small business if you could answer all of the above questions with confidence?

My promise is simple.

Any small business owner who works with me will know the score.

Are you ready to know the score in your business?

At this point, the business owner will say something like this

“We already have a bookkeeper and accountant why don’t they tell us the score?”

Sadly, many bookkeepers and accountants don’t know the score themselves…

They are consumed with your numbers being “compliant” for tax purposes and preparing them for BAS or tax time. They have no idea what they need to give you to make better business decisions.

Our Process

share your situation

Book in your one-on-one financial audit call, provide access to your financial accounting platform and share some information about your business. No matter if you use Xero, Quickbooks, Spreadsheets, etc.

we analyse your data

We will review your businesses financial position and get up to speed with your financial performance, tax obligations and goal alignment. This is where we also review books, transactions and configuration too.

we share our findings

Based on our audit and review, we will jump on a call with you to present our observations, areas of high risk or concern, our recommendations and suggest which financial package best fits your business and situation.

we setup your account (if you like)

If you are already using Xero or another accounting software we will probably need to do some back-log reconciling and clean up of the data to get it up to date and accurate to move forward. If you aren’t using Xero we will do a Xero file set up and transition you across to Xero.

you always know the score

Recurring monthly financial services provided based on your goals and financial package.

Tools We Use






and lodgement





Reporting & analysis
based on your business needs

Bookkeeping Monthly


Direct Bookkeeper Access


Budget: Preparation & Maintenance


BAS Lodgement (Quarterly)


Tax Preparation (Yearly)


Liaise with Your ‘Wealth Team’


“Your Goal Progress” Status (Monthly)


“Management” Reports (Monthly)


“Budget” Reports (Monthly)


Custom “Know the Score” Reports (Monthly)


“Virtual CFO” Review (Monthly)


“Virtual CFO” Call (Monthly)


Reporting & analysis
of actuals & budgets

Bookkeeping Monthly


Direct Bookkeeper Access


Budget: Preparation & Maintenance


BAS Lodgement (Quarterly)


Tax Preparation (Yearly)


Liaise with Your ‘Wealth Team’


“Your Goal Progress” Status (Monthly)


“Management” Reports (Monthly)


“Budget” Reports (Monthly)


Custom “Know the Score” Reports (Monthly)



Reporting & compliance

Bookkeeping Monthly


Direct Bookkeeper Access


BAS Lodgement (Quarterly)


Tax Preparation (Yearly)


“Your Goal Progress” Status (Monthly)


“Management” Reports (Monthly)


All prices exclude GST.

All prices exclude Setup / Training. Custom quote will be confirmed.

All prices exclude Payroll & Superannuation. Custom quote will be confirmed if required.

All prices exclude your monthly Xero subscription.

Using Quickbooks, MYOB or Other Accounting Software?

No problems at all. Our team will migrate all of your business financials over to Xero for you.

What Our Customers Say

Working with Know The Score has been a “game changer”!

I hired them as a Bookkeeper and virtual CFO to take care of all of my accounting and financial reporting.

Before working with them, I was using Xero to manage my invoicing and doing everything myself (but didn’t know what I was doing!) On top of all that, it was very time consuming and I secretly dreaded managing my books and didn’t even have any structured financial reporting!

Since working with Know The Score, they have set up structured financial reports, manages my books and BAS/GST payments and has been very transparent about how they do it.

The best thing about working with the Virtual CFO is the short videos they send each month to summarise the financial health of my business, what I need to focus on for the next, and how much money I need to put aside for Tax time.

Having my virtual CFO has allowed me to spend more time working on my business and less time looking at my books.

I highly recommend Know The Score to any business owner who is looking for a Bookkeeper or Virtual CFO.

Thank you Know The Score!

Eric Le Tran

Crescat Consulting

Know The Score helped me move my accounting system to Xero and helped to setup all the necessary accounts to suit my business.

They also made little video updates to walk me through the new system and to explain things which really helped because I could stop and start them and work through the software whilst they were explaining in the video.

The trust I gained in the team from the first call was great.

Finances can be daunting and they made it feel really easy with supplying me a virtual video of my current financial position, which felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

I’ve really enjoyed working with Know The Score, no matter how big or small my business is they treat me like a professional every step of the way.

Kylie Martin

Creative Digital Consultant

Know The Score has taken over our monthly bookkeeping, BAS preparation and reporting. This allows us the freedom to focus on client services and to become more strategic business operators.

In our first few meetings and during the on-boarding process the team reviewed our complete business financial position and dug into our numbers in a way we had not been able to do with our accountant during the annual tax compliance process… This is now crucial in allowing us to move forward by strategically managing our cash flow.

Being a husband and wife team, it has been hugely beneficial to have an expert third party to act as the “responsible adult” in our financial discussions. 😀

Know The Score provides the rational balance needed for us to stay focused and motivated on our end goals, and has been an invaluable upgrade to our entire business communication process.

Claire Sowden

BadAss Digital

Know The Score helps me to have my finger on the pulse of the financial numbers in my business.

They helped to get my books up to date, keep them there and provides valuable insights into the numbers in my business so I can make better decisions. I can now focus on working with our clients and growing our team instead team.

I have been using Xero for about 2 years and while it’s been great to improve the way we send our invoices and do our bank reconciliation, I still didn’t have the visibility I wanted into our numbers and how the business is doing.
We were behind on our bookkeeping and really didn’t know how to properly interpret our reports and make better decisions.

Now that we have Know The Score on board we know that our records will be up to date and that we’ll have the additional insight they provide into our reports which is absolutely invaluable to me as a business owner to make better decisions.

I would definitely recommend the Know The Score team to anyone who wants a better understanding of their financial numbers so they can make better business decisions.

Simon Kelly

Renegade Empire


How are you different from a bookkeeper or accountant?

We work with you as a part of your team to help you understand what is going in your business by knowing your numbers so you can make better business decisions. We do this by providing you with monthly up to date financial reporting and dashboards to give you insight and visualise how your business activities (sales, marketing, operations) are impacting and driving your financial outcomes. We work with you to understand your current financial performance and strategise going forward.

We already have a bookkeeper and accountant why don't they tell us the score?

Most bookkeepers and accountants don’t know the score themselves. They are consumed with your numbers being “compliant” for tax purposes and have no idea what they need to give you to make better business decisions.

We are behind on our books can you help us with the back-log?

Yes, in our review of your books we will confirm how much back-log reconciling and clean up of the data is needed to get you up to date and accurate to move forward.

What information do I need to provide you?

To complete our financial audit call we will need access to your financial system to complete the audit. This means access to your Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks file or spreadsheets.

How does the service work?

We take care of your bookkeeping on a monthly basis and provide you with regular financial reports, analysis and insights on the performance of your business (depending on the plan you go with).

What if I have more than one business/entity?

Our plans are for one legal entity (e.g. sole trader, company, trust, partnership, LLC). If you have multiple entities please CONTACT US as and we will provide a quote.

Can I do a trial?

We do have a 30-day guarantee, so if you’re not happy you can cancel your monthly subscription and get a full refund.

During our financial audit call and review of your books you will get a good feel of what it’s like to work with us.

Is payroll included?

We provide bookkeeping services to a wide variety of businesses which makes it difficult to work out a standard package for payroll support, so we don’t include payroll in the packages above.

Please contact us if you want a quote.

Do you only have monthly plans, or can I pay for one-off consultation?

If you have a one off question or need help with something specific you can book a call with one of our specialists and we can confirm.

I have more questions.

Book in a call to get in touch with our team. We are happy to answer any questions you have.

About The Team

Know The Score Finance provides financial services to small businesses and is led by successful business owners and financial experts.

Charley Valher

We all learn that adjusting quickly to our environment is crucial to success as business owners. But if we don’t know the score, how do we know what we need to adjust?

Over the years of growing my business empire, I have never stopped learning. In 2014, I ran my first 7-figure company and earned profits through Google and Facebook ads. I followed that with the first company I’ve ever run, with over 100 staff – Outsourcing Angel. And now I am running multiple businesses of a similar scale.

Having built up and run several highly successful businesses, I am sure of one thing: without a scoreboard, it’s impossible to win. With me coaching many business owners during this journey, it is obvious that this isn’t just a problem I faced, it’s almost a problem every business owner faces…

And that’s exactly when Know The Score was born.

Grant Merriel

As business owners, we are relentless, determined, and eager to step up in every challenge thrown our way. But the way we play the challenge is important, as many get caught in ‘trying not to loose’ -vs- ‘playing to win’.

I have been fortunate to have a formal degree in Entrepreneurship and have built multiple 7 figure and one 8 figure business, with a few successful exits along the way.

During my journey, there is one lesson that repeats itself over and over again with every business owner I help: if you don’t tailor your businesses financials to your goals, not compliance, you are setting yourself up for failure.

The idea behind Know The Score was born out of necessity. A service that presents a scoreboard of exactly what a business owners needs to make decision that move them towards their goal, not for the ATO.

Bianca Kennedy

Bianca is an Accountant and Financial Planner. She started her career in the business advisory division at Grant Thornton (Melbourne), followed by a number of years in accounting and treasury roles in the corporate and public sector.

After working directly with small business owners with their business bookkeeping, accounting and financial planning her focus is to help small businesses succeed by understanding the financial side of their business, work towards long term, consistent financial results and winning their game of business.

Bianca is a keen cyclist and when not in the office can often be found on her bike along Beach Rd, Melbourne.

Matty Williams

Having run a financial auditing business for over 10 years, I can say, without a doubt, that I have seen it all. And there was one conversation that’s burnt into my mind, which ultimately led to the creation of Know The Score Finance.

I was talking to a business owner who I was auditing the books for and asked how he uses his financial reports to align to his goals and make decisions. He looked blankly at me.

Alright, so I asked if he looks at his financial reports. Just a shake of the head. Also interesting. So, I asked if how often he gets sent his financial reports. He finally responded saying that he gets the BAS each quarter, signs it and sends it on.

The worst part was, I needed to present to him my findings and it was not pretty. His financial books don’t lie, huge refunds and cancellations, along with too many staff were bleeding his business dry. But he had no idea. He wasn’t seeing the profit he wanted and so all he was doing was selling more.